Scia Steel Manager is modular software with a view to increasing speed, quality and management efficiency of the steel constructor.

Scia Steel Manager is the logical link between CAD and CNC for the entire work preparation. Scia Steel is the pounding heart of your company, it receives information and passes it on to related systems.

Managing logistics has become more and more important in today’s very competitive times. Getting the right piece on the right time at the right place is an absolute necessity.


Scia Steel Manager is manufacturing software for the steel construction industry

Our steel software can be used almost limitless from the planning of bridges to special industrial buildings; it enables an accurate execution of all production and execution processes.

The production, material and resource planning are included.


Reference projects for Scia Steel Manager

ING Real Estate has developed a multifunctional block of buildings in the old centre of Budapest.

Hans Wilsdorf Bridge - Geneva, Switzerland

The studies and realisation of the Hans Wilsdorf Bridge required a multidisciplinary team of experts in: special works, civil engineering, environment issues, and bridge design, all integrated within one company.


Key features of Scia Steel Manager

  • Integration with BIM CAD systems, direct import from the available steel detailing CAD systems.
  • Easy import and manual entry of BOM with automatic geometry definition.
  • Automated allocation and routing around the workshop according to the individual fabrication facilities.
  • Time assessment and workload calculation per operation node and period.