The Scia Engineer Standard Editions represent an effective tool for all tasks and include tools for structural BIM and preparation of drawings. The only exception is the Scia Engineer Structural Edition that omits calculations and focuses exclusively on BIM, modelling and drawings.

Scia Engineer Editions Comparison Chart

What's included in the Scia Engineer Editions:


Modeller Concept Profess. Expert Structural
Modeller, Productivity toolbox with active document x x x x
BIM toolbox, parametric modelling, Allplan, Tekla, ETABS interface   x x x
Link to Revit Structures; Free-form modeller       x
Load generators Concept Professional Expert Structural
Load generator: wind, snow, plane load x x x  
3D wind load generator, Mobile load   x x  
Advanced mobile load, Train load     x  
Analyser Concept Professional Expert Structural
Linear static analysis x x x  
Non-linear static analysis – tension only members, pressure only supports, geometrical non-linearity x x x  
Advanced non-linear static analysis – springs and gaps for beams, pressure only slabs, Stability analysis, Dynamic analysis   x x  
Advanced calculations: Soil interaction, Cables, Non-linear stability, membranes, Sequential analysis, Friction springs     x  
Linear and non-linear construction stages     x  
Pre-stressed structures, Time Dependent Analysis     x  
Steel designer        
Steel code check - incl. Optimisation of cross-sections (esasd.01.xx) x x x  
Fire resistance check, Plastic analysis   x x  
Steel connections: modelling and checks   x x  
Concrete designer Concept Professional Expert Structural
RC design and check, Punching sheer check, Code depended deformations, Input of practical reinforcement x x x  
Fire resistance check for RC beams   x x  
Pre- and post-tensioned members: design and check     x  
Detailer Concept Professional Expert Structural
Automated General Arrangement Drawings   x x x
Detailed connections drawings   x x x
Foundations Concept Professional Expert Structural
Pad foundations   x x  


Special packages

If the standard editions do not match your particular needs, please look at our offer of specialised packages.


Extension and upgrade of Editions

If you extend your field of interest and your current Edition does not any more reflect your needs, it can be easily upgraded to any higher Edition.
Similarly, if you have specific needs and need a tailor made configuration of Scia Engineer, any of the Editions can be extended by separate additional modules.


Concept Edition

The Concept Edition is aimed especially for day-to-day work of engineers who need to handle all phases of the design process, modelling, analysis, code design and check, preparation of reports. It includes: 3D modelling of frames and surfaces, 2D climatic load generation, static linear and non-linear analysis covering large displacements, tension-only beams, compression-only supports, design of reinforced concrete beams, columns, surfaces and steel beams

Professional Edition

The Professional Edition is designed for engineers having higher demands in analysis, design and BIM. It extends the modelling, analysis and code-checks capabilities of the Concept Edition. It offers a general cross-section creator, design of steel connections, stability and dynamic calculations uncluding general dynamics, earthquake and fire resistance checks. Routine and repetitive work can be automated using parametric modelling. Also automated generator of general arrangement drawings are included.

Expert Edition

The Expert Edition extends the Professional Edition and addresses the most demanding users. It comes with highly advanced calculation modules for slender and suspended structures as well as for structures sensitive to the construction process. This Edition provides also design tools for precast and bridge industries. It includes the generation of mobile loads, construction stages analysis, time-dependant analysis, prestressing, post-tensioning, prestressed concrete checks, etc.

Structural Edition

The Structural Edition is intended for BIM modelling professionals who need wide interoperability capabilities and tools for preparation of drawings. It offers functions for modelling, import of drawings and models from third party CAD applications, export to other CAD programs and tools for an easy and automated generation of drawings, parametrisation of the model and check of collisions between individual entities. In addition, its update functions allows a whole team to work together on a project.