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Scia Engineer is an integra​ted, multi-material structural analysis and design software for all kinds of projects

It can be used for design of steel, concrete, timber, aluminium, and steel-concrete composite structures with worldwide application thanks to the integration of numerous international building codes.

In addition to advanced finite element calculations and code-compliant design, it features integrated tools for modelling, exchange of data with third party applications (BIM), easy reporting and preparation of drawings, namely automated general arrangement drawings.

What makes Scia Engineer very different from existing CAE programs is the integration of modelling, analysis, design and automated GA drawings in one Open BIM platform.


Reference projects for Scia Engineer

A new bridge was built in 2011 in Terenez (Brittany) over the Adler River to replace the old one. Local administration decided that the old suspension bridge closed to traffic should be disassembled.

University Campus - Trnava, Slovak Republic

The extension of building SO 002 and the new building TF STU are part of a large project including the finalisation of building processes and the reconstruction of the university campus in Trnava.

At this time at the Zaventem airport in Belgium, where hall number 40 stood before, a new building is being built.


Key features of Scia Engineer

  • Use your Design Competence and Know-How Worldwide
  • Integrate your Design Process and Reduce your Investments
  • Streamline the Cooperation within the Design Team through BIM
  • Look for New Challenges in your Field
  • Make your Design Environmental and Economical

What is new?

“Expanding Design”: The latest version of Scia’s structural analysis and design software delivers capabilities to move beyond the traditional limits of 3D structural analysis software by integrating engineering design workflow, even with customized modifications.

What our customers say

A middle sized static office needs to have a reliable software tool for structural analysis. Using the Scia software, regularly updated thanks to our maintenance contract, enables us to design complex concrete and steel structures according to the Eurocodes and other codes. The transfer of the 3D model from Scia Engineer to the steel detailing software TEKLA Structures and back brings efficiency to the work of our structural engineers.
Hana Ggattermayerova
Chief structural engineer
Atelier P.H.A., spol. s r.o.